Staff Senate

The purpose of Staff Senate is to provide input to President's Cabinet on

  1. Work-related issues/concerns/suggestions raised by staff in an effort to improve staff morale
  2. To recommend staff development activities that will provide opportunities for professional growth, enrichment, and improved productivity in the institution's working environment
  3. Assist all staff in supporting the college mission


Meetings are open to all staff at Pratt Community College. We welcome your attendance at meetings that are held bi-weekly in the Pratt Community College Library. 

What kind of information is presented at the meetings?

Guest Speakers are invited to attend regular meetings to discuss various topics affecting staff. (examples guest speakers or topics may include: President, Vice Presidents, campus concerns, staff morale)
Staff Senate serves as a communication link between staff, administration, faculty, & students.

 Who serves on Staff Senate?

Staff Senate is composed of eleven members who serve a term of three years.
Finance & Operations
Three members elected by their peer group
Students & Enrollment Management
Three members elected by their peer group
Two members elected by their peer group
One member elected by their peer group
Executive Management
One member elected by their peer group

Chief Information Officer
One member elected by their peer group

Staff Senate Senators

Member Name Division
Sarah Binford Students & Enrollment Management
Charles Keefer, Staff Senate President Athletics
Kimberly Albright, Treasurer Finance & Operations
Elizabeth Britton, Secretary Students & Enrollment Management
Nathan Buchmueller    Instructional Technology
Frank Stahl Instruction
Tim Renner Finance & Operations
Donna Meier Pfeifer Executive Management
Ashley Burnett Athletics
Joel Pearson     Athletics
Open position Finance & Operations


Work Life Enrichment Zooom Links:

  1. May Work-Life-Enrichment: Violent Critical Incident Awareness Training
  2. June Work-Life Enrichment: Farm to Table   Passcode: 7hghN^4m