International Students

For an international student to be considered for admission to PCC, the student must have graduated 
from the equivalent of a U.S. high school (12 years of education) and submit the following 
documents to the Coordinator. All items must be on file at PCC before an I-20 will be issued:

1. Application for Admission: Formal acceptance is dependent upon completion of all items required 
to obtain the 1-20 and pre-pay by the dates listed below:
•  June 1 for Fall Semester
•  November 1 for Spring Semester
•  April 1 for Summer Semester

2. Academic Records (Transcripts): Official copies of the academic records for all coursework 
completed in secondary schools and/or colleges and universities must be submitted. These must be 
(translated) in the English language and must include a graduation date and must be properly 
certified by an official at the institution attended or by an official translator.

3. Financial Support Letter: Documentation stating financial support for the school year is 
required and should be dated within six months of the anticipated arrival date. A copy of a usable 
document is available from the admissions office. (Exhibit A-Certificate of Financial Support Form)

4. English Proficiency: Students whose first language is not English must document their English 
proficiency in one of the following ways:

a. TOEFL Scores of 58 (writing: 14; Speaking: 14; Reading: 14; Listening: 16.
b. Duolingo English Test Score of 85 or higher
c. Completion of the ELS 109.
d. Completion of KAPLAN INTERNATIONAL Intensive English.
e. Successful completion of the ESL (English as a Second Language) level 9 at the Hays Language 
f.  Academic credits of 12 hours or more from a U.S. Post Secondary Institution.

g. A transcript in which it reflects that all instruction was taught in English with a 2.0 grade 
point average minimum obtained on a 4.0 scale.
h. Transcript from a college of U.S. high school for one-year minimum and a grade point average of 
2.5 or higher.
i.  Transcript from a college or U.S. high school for one-year minimum and a grade point average of 
2.5 or higher. The student will be re-evaluated in the areas of Math, Reading, and English upon 
arrival. This is to be done by way of the Accuplacer Test and the student must be enrolled in 
classes that are deemed appropriate by the results of this evaluation.

5. Pre-payment
a. The pre-payment will consist of one-half of tuition and fees (based on 32 credit hours for the 
year), books, and residence hall charges for a 19 meals plan. Pre-payment will also include $200 
dorm deposit, and $900 for emergency expense fee. $300 international student fee, $100 certified 
mail processing fee, and a $350 fee paid directly to SEVIS.
b. An international student will not be able to enroll in subsequent semesters unless the previous 
balance is paid in full and pre-payment for the subsequent semester’s expenses is received.

6. Housing Information
a. Housingcontractfor19 mealsinresidence halls. Allareasrequiringinitials must be completed.
b. Personal information sheet
c. Immunization Records
d. Health card
e. Emergency contact card
f. Deposit is included in the pre-payment.
g. An international student will not be able to reside in the residence hall if a previous balance 
is owed to the college from a subsequent semester’s expense.

7. Proof of Medical Insurance: Proof of medical insurance accepted in the United States is required 
and must be presented before enrollment of each semester.
This must be translated to English.

8. Completion of I-20: The following information is required for the completion of the I-20:
a. Lastname
b. First name
c. Country of birth
d. City of birth
e. Date of birth
f. Country of citizenship
g. Copy of Passport
h. Intended major (Liberal Arts will be used if not indicated)
i. Scholarship information (if applicable)
j. Work study information (if applicable)
k. Additional financial assistance (if applicable)
l. Foreign Address (P.O. Box not acceptable)

9. Negative Tuberculosis Test: Documentation showing either a negative skin test, blood test or 
chest x-ray if they answer yes to any of the questions on the TB questionnaire.

Items 2-9 must be completed by the following deadlines: June 1 prior to the fall semester, November 
1 prior to the spring semester, and April 1 prior to the summer semester.

When arriving to enroll, the following must be submitted:
A. Proof of medical insurance
B. Student copy of the I-20
C. I-94 arrival/departure record
D. Copy of VISA
E. Copy of 1-20 from transferring school (if applicable) INTERNATIONAL GUEST STUDENTS
Students wishing to enroll in Pratt Community College while on an I-20 from another institution 
must submit an F-1 Guest Application (Exhibit B)


1.  International Students on an F-1 Visa who are coming to PCC from another academic institution 
in the USA must complete the steps outlined on the International Student Transfer of Schools form 
(Exhibit C). The steps are required by the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and 
Immigration Services (USCIS).

2. The PDSO (Primary Designated School Official) at the new school informs the USCIS (U.S. 
Citizenship and Immigration Services) of the transfer after verifying that the student was in a 
full course of study and maintained status at the old school and has completed enrollment at the 
new school. The process involves making information available on the USCIS reporting system known 
as SEVIS (Student Exchange and Visitor Information System). A new I-20 form will be printed upon 
completion of information being submitted. A photocopy will be sent to the students’ previous 

3. A student who does not complete the process of transfer in a timely manner becomes out of status 
and will require reinstatement.


See attached pdf for needed forms.

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