Institutional Program Review

Under the direction of the Vice President/Athletic Director, each academic, technical, and non-academic program/service will participate in an annual program review delivered through an institutional process called Services and Programs under Review (SPuR). Providing an annual and systematic program review, the SPuR process also serves as a vehicle for continuous quality improvement for each program/service. Ensuring alignment with institutional values and purpose (aims); student success, enrollment stability, and financial viability, programs also outline how they advance the institutional mission. The program review uses a formalized system of assessment; institutional and program metrics measure strengths, opportunities for improvement and goal achievement. The SPuR process:

  • Provides qualified and quantitative outcomes used in program level strategic and budget planning;
  • Aids leaders of programs/services in determining effectiveness and opportunities for program/service improvement and performance;
  • Provides Executive Management with key information and data to assist in resource allocation and/or program improvement;
  • Engages key stakeholders in a systematic, routine evaluation;
  • Aids in determining the gap between levels of performances and stated improvement goals;
  • Aids in developing program level strategic planning, goals, and budget proposals for program/service improvement;
  • Provides a defined set of performance metrics for all programs/services;
  • Systematically occurs annually from September through April with academic and technical programs scheduled for review from January through April and non-academic programs/services from September through December;
  • Utilizes a rubric designed with specific focus areas and metrics to evaluate each program/service in a consistent manner;
  • Provides a detailed analysis necessary to understand whether Pratt CC has the capacity to achieve its stated program and institutional level goals;
  • Assures that each academic, technical, and non-academic program/services are appropriate to the institutional mission, philosophy, and goals;
  • Assures the content and quality of the curriculum are adequate to meet the educational needs of the students who enroll in the courses of study;
  • Monitors the effectiveness and quality of non-academic programs/services across the
  • institution;
  • Assures adequate resources, such as financial, human, and community are available to administer and support the instructional program or non-academic program/service;
  • Assures that each program or service is consistent with the regulations and guidelines published by the Kansas Board of Regents, regional and specialized accrediting or certifying associations, and other relevant and applicable laws and regulations.

All instructional programs and non-academic programs/services will follow an annual program review schedule developed annually by the SPuR team. The review process dates will be announced for the upcoming year no later than May 1 for all programs/services. A feedback report, including program strengths, opportunities for improvement, and a program evaluation rating, will be provided for the SPuR team. This report will be distributed to the program/service lead and their respective Vice President to use for program improvement and resource allocation as appropriate. Follow-up on progress and program improvement will be reported through the institutional strategic planning cycle and through the ongoing SPuR process.

Revision Dates: 07-16-2019, 07-08-2008, 09-27-2005.

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Administrative Policy

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Tuesday, October 14, 1986

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019