HLC/PCC Federal Compliance

This page will contain the federal compliance information.

1. Credits, Program Length and Tuition

a) Pratt Community College complies with all Kansas state statutes and regulations, according to Board Policy 1-01. PCC's policy for assigning credit hours to courses is dictated by the state governing body Kansas Board of Regents (pdf).

b) Program/degree credit hour requirements are outlined in the course catalog, available to students on the institution website.

c) Credit hour cost is consistent across the institution, depending on students' residency status. Additional fees are applied to higher cost programs, and list of costs with explanations are listed on the PCC cost sheet.

d) The completed Appendix A is available at the PDF at the bottom of the page entitled "Worksheet for use by Institutions."

2. Student complaints

a) The process of receiving and addressing student complaints is outlined in the Student Complaint Policy. Student complaints can be filed on the webiste on the Student Feedback form

3. Transfer Policies

a) Students' ability to transfer credits depends on a number of variables, if credits are earned outside of the state of Kansas. Transfer credits are accepted according to PCC's administrative policy outlining the transfer criteria.

4. Verification of Student Identity

a) Pratt CC uses Blackboard Learn as a means to deliver distance courses. This online platform requires a user id and password to log in. Student's' identity is verified through internal student information software which will not work without adequate consistency in students' information. Identity is further verified through staff contact with each student.

5. Title IV Program and Related Responsibilities

a) General Program Responsibilities
The Title IV program at Pratt CC has not had a review, inspection or audit from the Department of Education in a number of years. Pratt CC is under no limitation from the Department of Education.

b) Federal Responsibility Requirements - Represented through the prior year's Independent Audit Report.

c) Default Rates -represented through a report from the National Student Loan Data System.

d) Campus Crime Information, Athletic Participation and Financial Aid - Represented through the Annual Security Report.

e) Student Right to Know - Represented through various administrative policies.

f) Satisfactory Academic Progress and Attendance Policies - Found in the Student Handbook.

g) Contractual / Consortial Relationships - Found in the Student Handbook. Pratt CC has all contractual and consortial relationships listed in the Annual Institution Update.

6. Institutional Disclosures and Advertising and Recruitment Materials

a) Disclosure of accreditation status is completed through the institution's website, specifically the page on accreditation.

b) All recruitment materials are available online at prattcc.edu.

7) Relationship with other Accrediting Agencies and with State Regulatory Bodies.

a) Disclosure of other accrediting agencies is also exercised through the institution's website through the page on accreditation.

b) Compliance with state regulatory bodies is governed by Board Policy 1-01. This information is also disclosed in the Annual Institutional Data Update.

8) Public Notification of Comprehensive Evaluation Visit and Third Part Comment.

a) Pratt CC has chosen to disclose the AQIP quality checkup and request for comment through a series of local newspaper advertisements. An example of the advertisement will be provided at the quality checkup.