Grading System

Course grades at Pratt Community College are earned by students and awarded by faculty. Upon completion of the class the instructor certifies all final course grades on the official grade roster according to the time-line established by the Registrar.

The final course grades awarded by faculty are based on the work and grades earned by students through the official end-date of the course. No grading consideration can be given for late work that has not been received and graded prior to the completion of the final grade roster.

Under exceptional circumstances as outlined below, an instructor may issue an "I" grade that provides the student with additional time to complete course work before her/his course grade is calculated and posted on the student's transcript. The "I" grade is the only institutionally approved method of allowing students to submit work for grade consideration following the official end-date of the class.

Grade changes can only be made by the instructor with the written approval of the Vice President for Instruction or through successful appeal through the Academic Appeal Process. Pratt Community College awards one of the following grades to each student officially enrolled in each course:

A Excellent achievement, course outcomes standards met, credit given, four grade points per semester hour.

B Above average achievement, course outcomes standards met, credit given, three grade points per semester hour.

C Average achievement, course outcomes standards met, credit given, two grade points per semester hour.

D Below average achievement, course outcomes partially met, credit given, one grade point per semester hour. A student who receives a "D" grade should strongly consider
repeating the course in an effort to achieve a stronger outcome. Many courses require "C or better" grade in prerequisite course work.

F Failing achievement, course outcomes and/or participation requirements not met, zero credit given, zero grade points calculated per semester hour.

I Incomplete, zero credit given, zero grade points per semester hour. Temporarily recorded as a grade when the instructor of the course determines that the student should be granted an extension of time to complete the course work. Normally this extension is granted only for circumstances beyond the student's control. The incomplete grade is not intended for use to extend time because the student failed to complete course work during the officially scheduled class dates.

To issue an "I" grade, the instructor must process an Incomplete Grade Contract that includes the plan and approved time-line for completion of the course. The contract may provide for extended time of a day up to a maximum of one semester. At the date specified, or after one semester from the date of issuance, an "I" grade automatically converts to an "F" grade unless the instructor has previously awarded another letter grade. When the grade is changed from an "I", it is included in the student's grade point average calculation.

W Withdrawal, zero credit, zero grade points per semester hour. This grade is automatically given when a student is officially withdrawn. No withdrawals are permitted after 75% of a course is completed.
P Passing work, credit given, zero grade points per semester credit hour. This grade is not included in the grade point calculation. This grade may only be used if the instructor has received permission from the Vice President for Instruction prior to offering the course. The request to take a course on a Pass/Fail basis must be made before the course begins.

AU Audit, zero credit, zero grade points per semester hour. A student must receive permission of the course instructor and the Vice President for Instruction prior to enrollment to audit a course.

Repeating a Course:
Students may repeat a course. Each grade is recorded on the student’s transcript. The repeating course will have brackets around the grade. Previous grades are not used in grade point or credit earned calculations. The latest grade earned is used even if it is a lower grade than earned in previous attempts. The original grade will stand if student repeats the course and withdraws or received an incomplete. Courses designed for multiple enrollments may be repeated with the multiple grades recorded and used in grade point average and credit earned calculations.

Administrative Withdrawal:
A student may be administratively withdrawn at any time for violation of the Code of Conduct, failure to meet financial obligations, and/or willful violation of college standards. A student who is administratively withdrawn will receive a grade based on the circumstances of the administrative withdrawal. Students have the right to appeal.

Mid-Semester Report:
By a designated date near the mid-term of the fall and spring semesters, instructors calculate each student's grade to that point to determine a mid-semester grade. This grade is intended to be a progress report to the student. The mid-semester grade does not necessarily reflect 50% of the final grade of the class. Mid-semester grade reports are not normally provided for summer or short-term classes. It is the student's responsibility to seek desired feedback concerning graded work and performance.

Grade Appeals:
Final course grades are to be awarded as per the criteria established in the course syllabus. If the student believes that a grading error has been made, the student should follow the established Academic Appeal Process as printed in the current college catalog. All final course grade appeals must be received within 120 days of the end of the semester.

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