Faculty Assessment of Learning Committee (FALC)

General Overview and Purpose of Learning Assessment

In 1994 Pratt Community College began developing a formal process of assessing student learning in compliance with accreditation directives from the Higher Learning Commission. This mandate called for the formulation and implementation of a process that would provide concrete evidence of student academic achievement appropriate to the program of study offered by a particular college and reporting on this evidence in a manner that is readily understandable to the public.

The evidence used in the assessment process should be relevant, verifiable and representative of the goals of that particular institution. 

Between 1994 and 1996 the faculty identified 20 competencies that should identify every graduate of PCC.  These 20 competencies comprise the Graduate Profile which was modified to 16 competencies in 2005.  Today, the college’s learning assessment program focuses on evaluating the attainment of these 16 competencies by our students.  Four competencies are considered core competencies and must be demonstrated by every graduate.  The four core competencies are:

  1. Read, comprehend and analyze written materials.
  2. Express oneself in grammatically correct and logically written English
  3. Perform quantitative mathematical computations.
  4. Acquire, interpret and evaluate information and data and solve problems.

CAAP Report

The CAAP exam was administered to all students graduating with AA, AS, or AGS degrees.  The exam was given at the end of a student’s last semester at PCC.  The CAAP exam was discontinued Fall 2017.
2017 CAAP Assessment of Graduates(pdf)

ETS Report

The ETS Exam replaces the CAAP exam. The first ETS exam was administered Spring 2018.

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Assessment of Graduates(pdf)

Work Keys Report

The Work Keys exam is given is given to all nursing students as well as students completing their technical certificate or AAS degrees.

2017 Work Keys Assessment of Graduates(pdf)
2018 Work Keys Assessment of Graduates(pdf)

Graduate Profile Matrices

The Graduate Profile Matrix is a document that lists PCC’s sixteen outcomes. Each competency is measured within one or more programs, and a selection of the collected data is recorded and reported on the matrix.

Graduate Profile Matrix 2012-2013(pdf)
Graduate Profile Matrix 2013-2014(pdf)
Graduate Profile Matrix 2014-2015(pdf)
Graduate Profile Matrix 2015-2016(pdf)
Graduate Profile Matrix 2016-2017(pdf)
Graduate Profile Matrix 2017-2018(pdf)

Historical Timeline

The timeline gives a background of what the committee has done since its inception.

Assessment of Student Learning Historical Timeline(pdf)