PCC Science Faculty Visit USD 349 Stafford for Science Show

25 May 2022

Jason Ghumm, Justin Maughan, Paul Primrose and PCC students Abby Martin and Jessi Ferneau, walked into USD 349 Stafford with arms full of fun and science entertainment for about sixty kids. This is the third Science Show for elementary students performed by PCC Science faculty and students.

PCC Physical Science instructor Paul Primrose gets to see the excitement of the students firsthand.

“These 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were attentive, participated in some great Q & A times, and were just a load of fun. Elliot, a very inquisitive volunteer, found out that a little diaper polymer in a solo cup goes a long way to prevent you from getting wet! He later said during clean-up, “I want to be a scientist". Nathan, a 5th grader, mentioned to me that he loved the disappearing ink. When Jason commented on both the importance of the scientific method and math another kid named Connor shouted out, "I love math!" All in all, it was a great day for a science show in Stafford, Kansas.”

There were expanding marshmallows, suspended beach balls, erupting soap suds and a few other cool physics and chemistry demos. The toilet paper roll experiment using a leaf blower was also a big hit outdoors.

View the video to see all this and more in action! More science shows by PCC Faculty and students are planned for the coming school year. Yay Science!

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If you're interested in members of our Science faculty potentially visiting an elementary school near the Pratt area, you may get in touch with Jason Ghumm at jasong@prattcc.edu

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