Library Displays Flags of Students Enrolled at PCC

23 August 2021

The Linda Hunt Memorial Library on campus at Pratt Community College has a special tradition every school year. They put up a flag that represents the country of students enrolled at PCC. 

There are 26 flags on display at the Linda Hunt Memorial Library for the Fall 2021 semester, which is the highest number of flags displayed at PCC to date.
“The Library has chosen to fly the flags of the home country for each student attending PCC on an F-1 VISA. The ability to recognize each student individually is very important. I remember a couple of years ago when a new student for Turkmenistan arrived in the library she spotted her countries flag, and ran to hold it in tears. The appreciation in her voice and eyes was priceless. This is the reason we proudly fly all of our flags with honor. The honor is returned to us all through the sharing of each student’s culture and heritage. It is our desire to provide a glimpse of home that is always within sight at the Pratt Community College Library.” - Frank Stahl, Library Director
Library monitors display a picture and short bio of International Students, and the dining hall creates a recipe favorite that other students can sample and enjoy.

We are proud of the diversity of our students!

Library Flags.png

Library Flags (1).png