PCC Offers Summer Session CDL Class for EPT Students

10 June 2021

It is a requirement for Electrical Power Technology (EPT) students to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License as they study to become a lineman. This type of license is required in order to operate utility trucks and trailers out in the field.

Students ordinarily earn their CDL during the regular semester, while also handling a full course load plus potential activities and athletics.

For the first time, students are able to take advantage of this offering over the summer, to focus solely on fulfilling the driving requirements before entering the EPT program.

EPT Instructor Jeff Hoffman sees the class as a big benefit to those who are able to invest the time.

“Taking this class over the summer will reduce their workload during the school year. This is a class that will be offered in the future to our EPT students, maybe even during the school year. Depending on class size, this course can be completed in 4-6 weeks.”

After a period of classroom instruction, students will take the written test at the DMV to earn a Learner’s Permit. They can then practice driving skills at PCC over a period of a few weeks, then take the official driving test with the DMV to earn the Class A CDL.

The Summer CDL class is only offered to Pratt Community College students enrolled in the EPT program. It is not open to the public.

EPT Instructor Jeff Hoffman goes over multiple truck inspection points in the CDL class offered to EPT students, June 2021.


EPT CDL (4).png

EPT CDL (3).png

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