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PCC Welcomes Ohio Wrestlers

26 June 2014

At right, Ohio National Team Coach Kipp Kahlenbeck ​with PCC Wrestling Coach Ken Kepley 

The mission of Pratt Community College is maximum student learning, individual and workforce development, high quality instruction and service, and community enrichment. One of the ways that PCC fulfills the mission of community enrichment is by looking for ways to provide facilities and expertise to organizations and institutions across the nation to help them grow and excel. 

This week, PCC welcomed 26 high school wrestlers and their team of coaches and conditioners to the campus as they make final preparations for a national tournament. The young men are members of the Ohio Junior National team, a select group of high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are chosen to represent their state at the Junior National Championships in Oklahoma City. 

The team spent the week in Pratt training, conditioning and regrouping for the tournament this weekend. The college is home to the only Regional Training Center in the state of Kansas, and made this facility available to the Ohio team, in addition to the weight room and the residence halls. PCC Head Wrestling Coach Ken Kepley lead the students in technique sessions, and together with PCC Women’s Soccer Coach Jerrid Schicke shared with them about how to prepare for academic success in college, and the learning resources that PCC provides. 

“Ohio is one of the most competitive states for wrestlers in the nation and the caliber of their athletes is unparalleled,” said Kepley. “We are excited to host them on campus in the final stages of their preparation and wish them the best of luck.”

Kipp Kahlenbeck of Cincinnati heads up the team and has already formed a strong relationship with PCC. His son is a member of the PCC wrestling team and he saw this as the perfect opportunity to work with Coach Kepley and the college. 

“We’re down a little from years past and we’ve lost some students to individual tournaments and other pursuits, but we’re feeling strong as a team and we are still strong contenders to be All-Americans,” said Kahlenbeck. “These young men have been preparing for years to be selected for the team, and train year round to be ready. Now it’s go time.”