• Go Beavers!!!

WEM students plant trees to feed wildlife

14 March 2014

The Habitat and Food Plot Production class planted 30 trees on-campus with the hopes of bringing animals to the area.

“They are wildlife oriented trees,” said Luke Laha, instructor. “They aren’t planted to look pretty but planted to feed wildlife, deer in particular.”

Laha’s class decided to plant trees so they could see that food for wildlife doesn’t’ have to be planted crops but can come from other food sources.

The class planted apple, pear, chestnut, oak, persimmon and crabapple trees.

Laha said the deer and other animals will come and eat the fruit once it falls.

Once the trees get larger, Laha said he plans on transplanting the larger ones to off-campus plots the program uses.

He said that each year they hope to plant 20 to 30 trees so that in a few years students can experience planting and moving trees. Students in the class will also be in charge of taking care of the trees by fertilizing and watering them.

“I believe that the hands-on experience that this project offers, more than just hearing about it in the classroom,” Laha said. “We are in the classroom very little because of all the different hands-on activities that are available in this program.”