• Go Beavers!!!

Shooting Club off to busy start

22 October 2014

Pratt Community College founders made the mascot the beaver because students at PCC were hardworking and dedicated. One of the many groups on campus that are still that way today is the shooting club.

During the semester the group has gone to many shoots and fundraisers on the weekends and during the evenings.

One of the bigger events that the club helped with was the Wichita State 4-H Shoot, which had more than 100 high school 4-Her’s from all around the state.

PCC took 13 students to help score the event.

“It is the best recruiting we can do for this club,” said Greg Bacon, club co-sponsor. “We make contact with a lot of parents and students, who might not otherwise know about the program.”

Another event that was good for recruiting but also a good learning tool for the students was the Pheasants Forever Women and Youth Shoot.

Nineteen PCC students helped coach beginners shoot during the day.

“It’s hard to say who learns more: the club members or the kids we are coaching,” Bacon said. “When you are coaching you end up learning about yourself and what you are coaching. It also teaches you communication skills that you wouldn’t learn otherwise.”

The students have been to two competitions this year including one in North Plate, Neb., and one at Wichita State University.

“The students had a good time and experienced a lot of new targets,” Bacon said. “The goal is always to improve and to get the students good transfer connections.”

The club has helped with many other events in the community so far this year including: the Medicine Lodge Friends of NRA Banquet, a benefit shoot for Southwest Hospice Gun Show and a gun show at the Armory.