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The following actions must be completed for your application to be considered: Two letters of reference from non-family members.

1. Complete PCC's admission application (if applicant has not previously been accepted for admission to the college).
2. The following items must be mailed together in one envelope to the address listed below:

  1. Completed WOO Program Admission Application
  2. Copies of all official high school and college transcripts (other than PCC).
  3. Two (2) letters of reference from non-family members.

Associate of Science degree candidates: If not listed on your transcript(s), include copy of ACT outcomes report with Composite Score - it must be on file with the Registrar. Scores may be listed on transcript.

Associate of Applied Science degree track candidates: No ACT scores required. Please note that students will be subject to random drug testing throughout the program and that violation of any program or college policy can result in expulsion from the program and/or college.

Early application and enrollment is encouraged.

PDF Files: