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Local Photographer Displays Work in Delmar Riney Gallery

08 July 2015

During July, Pratt Community College’s Delmar Riney Art Gallery will exhibit the works of featured artist John Patton. 

“Since taking my first photography class at the age of 17, I was hooked on the medium,” said Patton. “At that time there was little to no digital photography. Learning on film was a great benefit to me because I had to take more time to consider composition and camera settings to get the shot right the first time. Those lessons have carried through to this day.”

Roe gives PCC credit for her confidence

27 July 2011

Knowing that she needed an internship to graduate from college, Lacey Roe started sending out her resume to many different places not knowing what to expect or who would call back. When she got a call back from the Kansas City Chiefs graphic design department she was excited.

"Even though I had been at Pitt State for a year, I took my work from PCC," Roe, who graduated from Pratt Community College in 2009, said. "They thought it was creative and outside-the-box so hired me."

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