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Self-Service Information

All PCC students must have a Self-Service Account prior to enrollment. Your Admissions representative will request this account for you one to two weeks before the Beaver Building Day you registered for or when you make an enrollment appointment. You will then receive an e-mail from stevev@prattcc.edu containing user name and a temporary password for Self-Service and Office 365.

Self Service Instructions:

1. After signing up for a Beaver Building Day or making an enrollment appointment, your Admissions representative will request a Self-Service account for you.  This request will trigger two emails be sent to the student.
2. The student will receive emails titled: Your New Pratt Community College Login. This mailing is automated and the student should not respond to these emails. One email will contain a username and the other will contain a password.
3. The student should login to Self-Service using this information. A login link can be located under the “Login” tab on the main page or click here.
4. After logging in, the student should navigate to the “Change Password” under the Home tab.
5. Click “Enroll into SSMRP”, fill out the appropriate fields and set up secret questions.
6. The student should see a “Congratulations!” message when you are finished.
7. Return to the “Change Password” area and reset your password. *You cannot change/reset your password until you have completed step 4.
8. The student will now have access to Self-Service. They can use Self-Service to check grades, their unofficial transcript, etc.
9. The student will now also have access to Office 365, for more information on how to get started with Office 365 click here

Retrieving Username and Password:

Students with existing Self-Service accounts should contact the Office of Admissions at 620.450.2217 or email: pccadmissions@prattcc.edu  to request their login information.

Students must have a valid email address on file to receive their login information. This email must be a personal email account not currently linked to any other high school or college or a parent. This process can take up to 24 - 48 hours to complete, but students generally receive their credentials within an hour of submitting their request.