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Pratt Community College Named Top Ten Community College in the Country

22 September 2014

In September, Pratt Community College was named one of the Top Ten Community Colleges in the Country by SmartAsset.com, a blog that uses software and data to solve financial problems.

A college education is increasingly important in order to get and keep a job in the current information-oriented world, while at the same time, college costs are rising. SmartAsset evaluated approximately 700 public community colleges across the country in order to find the best investment.

"To determine the best we wanted to figure out which colleges offered a low cost education, good return on investment and high success rate," says the company website. "To measure the cost of education we looked at in state tuition for one academic year. To measure return on investment we looked at the ratio of starting salary for graduates to the cost of the education. To measure success rate we looked at the percentage of students who enroll at the community college, graduate and then go on to transfer to a four-year institution. Using these three factors, we ranked the community colleges by how many standard deviations they outperformed the mean in each category. It gave us a list of the top ten community colleges in the country."

Pratt Community College graduates make 22.8 percent more than their college expenses as a starting salary, and has a 54 percent graduation and transfer rate.

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