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Pratt CC ranked in the top 15 of best community colleges

20 October 2015

Pratt Community College ranked 13 out of the 100 best community colleges in the country by SmartAsset.com, a financial technology company that provides transparent, automated, and accurate advice on big personal finance decisions.

SmartAsset evaluated approximately 565 public community colleges across the country in order to find the best investment considering four metrics reflective of quality, cost, success rate and ROI. According to their website the cost of attending a four year college or university continues to grow and tuition and fees are one third of the cost of a 4-year institution. Students who attend a community college in their first two years and then transfer have less student loan debt. Those who go straight into the workforce after graduating a community college earn an average of $10,800 more than workers with only a high school diploma or GED, according to U.S.. Census data.

“It goes to show what a great value the community college experience is with the affordability and return of investment for the student,” PCC President Michael Calvert said. “We’re excited to be ranked 13 in the country this year and to have two years in a row ranked in the top 15 overall.”

Pratt Community College receives a spot in the top 15 with graduates making about 23 percent more than their college expenses as a starting salary, and having a 64 percent graduation and transfer rate. In 2014 PCC was ranked 10. For a full list of the top 100 community colleges visit SmartAsset.com.