The Vice President reports to the President and serves as the Chief Academic Officer of Pratt Community College and provides strategic and operational leadership to the Division of Instruction. The successful candidate will provide oversight for all academic affairs supporting academic programs...

  • SOFTBALL loss 9-1, win 12-3 (April 22)
  • TRACK: Rivera places 3rd in 800m, 11th in 1500m. Pelayo places 10th in 800m. (April 11)

Admissions Check Sheet

What do you need to do to complete your preparation for PCC?


  • Complete an online admission application and an online scholarship application.
  • Schedule a campus visit by calling 620.450.2217. Campus visits are conducted Monday through Friday - 10 a.m. or 2 p.m., or request an alternative time.​
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) as soon after Jan. 1 as possible. Apply online at
  • An administrative processing fee of $100 will be charged after August 1 if students have not completed their scholarship, letter of intent or confirmed payment arrangements with the Business Office. Students without financial aid in place will be required to set-up an online payment plan in order to attend and move into the residence halls. 
  • Have your ‘official’ college or university transcripts (if applicable) mailed to PCC as early as possible. Final grades from your last enrolled semester must be included. 
  • If you are the recipient of an athletic scholarship, return “Letter-of-Intent” to Pratt CC Athletics within 14 days of receipt. 
  • If you are the recipient of a non-athletic scholarship, return "Scholarship Award Letter" to Pratt CC c/o Financial Aid within 14 days of receipt.
  • Set up your Self-Service account here
  • Register for the ACT and have your scores sent to PCC (ACT school code is 1450) c/o Office of Admissions prior to your early enrollment appointment. If your ACT scores are printed on your high school transcript, the transcript may be used to verify scores.
  • Have your COMPASS/ASSET scores (if applicable) sent to Pratt CC c/o Student Success Center prior to your early enrollment appointment. If COMPASS/ASSET scores are printed on your high school transcript, the transcript may be used to verify scores.
  • Attend a Beaver Building Day early enrollment session. Register and find dates here
  • Complete the college residence hall application packet. Housing assignments are first come, first served, and made after the deposit and all forms are received by PCC, c/o Director of Residence Life.
  • Confirm billing and anticipated financial aid by using your self-service account. If you owe a balance click on the payment tab in self-service to pay in full or set-up a payment plan. This will ensure you are ready on residence hall check-in day and avoid long lines. 
  • Have your ‘official’ high school transcript (post graduation) sent to PCC c/o Registrar as early as possible, but no later than June. Graduation dates must be verified on your transcript. 
  • International students, see additional admissions requirements here.
  • Enroll in classes

Click the file below for a printable version of the check sheet