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Career Coach available now for PCC students and job seekers

01 February 2016

Pratt Community College is excited to announce the launch of Career Coach, a free online resource that will allow students and job seekers to explore career opportunities in many different ways.

Career Coach is a valuable tool for any current or prospective student who is exploring potential careers to pursue in their future. This resource can act as a general guide for job descriptions in any industry to help students figure out what area they would like to study all the way to a local database containing hundreds of available jobs in our region for graduates to research. Career Coach’s comprehensive database also generates careers based off of the many PCC programs available. The real-time information is customized to the college’s geographic region and includes detailed wage estimates, growth rate, retirement statistics as well as employers in the area that are hiring.

Likewise a student or adviser can easily browse through degree options offered by PCC based on what the student is interested in which then links directly to the programs page on prattcc.edu. Through a simple keyword search, students and any visitor to the website can learn about the employment prospects of careers they want to research.

If a career doesn’t look like the right fit, individuals can search for similar jobs and see the largest skill gaps to fill to move to that career. They can also search for careers based on the college’s top training programs – or the program or major they are interested in.

Career Coach includes a built-in resume builder to help students and job seekers quickly and efficiently put together an updated resume with key skills and job experience highlighted. Check out Career Coach by PCC now and browse through hundreds of careers!

You can find it by visiting prattcc.edu and clicking on the Career Coach Icon in the center of the page or by visiting https://prattcc.emsicareercoach.com/.