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Shooting Sports Club receives the Collegiate Shooting Sports initiative grant

20 October 2011

Pratt Community College's Shooting Sports Club has been awarded the Collegiate Shooting Sports initiative grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation for the amount of $7,500. Co-sponsor for Pratt Community College Sports Shooting Club Kurt Brehm applied for the grant back in September 2011.

The Shooting Sports Cub learned Oct. 17 it was chosen to receive the grant.

"The Grant will help the Shooting Sports Club with entry fees, travel costs and equipment," Brehm said.

The Shooting Sports Club had a pistol safety and operation course was given Sept. 8 at the Pratt Gun Club. The Shooting Sports Club had four members and two youth safely manipulating four different semi-automatic pistols and a revolver. Members of the Sports Shooting Club are tested on rifle, pistol, shot gun and basic shooting and safety techniques.

"The safety and handling of firearms course is offered every semester and is open to any student or community member that registers for the course," Co-Sponsor Greg Bacon said.

Pratt Gun Club will hold its annual 99 bird shoot this Sunday, Oct. 23. Students and community members are welcome to enter the competition. Cash and prizes will be awarded to winners. The Shooting Sports Club will also help with the Ducks Unlimited banquet, held at the Pratt Fair grounds on Oct. 25 and 26.

The Club has a variety of people and experience levels; it is not too late to become a member. Yearly member fees are $20, or students can enroll today in the late start Shooting Sports and Safety activity course for 1 credit hour.

The mission of the Pratt Community College Shooting Sports Club is to promote the safe handling of firearms, instill a lasting respect for the shooting sports and provide the opportunity for members to improve their leadership and team building skills through a variety of training courses, competitions, and community service projects while enjoying the recreational and social benefits the shooting sports have to offer. If you would like more information about The Shooting Sports Club please contact Greg Bacon at gregb@prattcc.edu or Kurt Brehm at kurtb@prattcc.edu