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PCC women team win hometown rodeo

03 October 2011

Pratt Community College women's rodeo team won this year's hometown rodeo, which took place over the weekend. Scores are still being tallied for the men's team.

"I think the girls did a great job," said Amy Prather, head women's coach. "We had a group of girls who came close to making it back to the short go and we are going to make progress for next week."

Looking back, Prather said this was the first win for PCC in at least 10 years.

PCC had six students make the short go Sunday. In steer wrestling Mitchell Gardner and Shelby Stevens each made the short go after getting a 4.2 and 4.9 in the long go, putting them in fourth and eighth place going into the short go. Both got no times in the short go, putting Gardner in seventh place in the average and Stevens ninth in the average.

In team roping Colton Musick and Cesar Hernandez, both of PCC came out of the long go in first place, with a time of 5.2. They received sixth in the short go with a time of 12.8. They placed fifth in the average. Tanya Steinhoff and Katharine Wall of PCC both made Sunday's short go in barrel racing. Steinhoff had first after riding Saturday night in the long go, where she had a time of 17.44 and Wall placed eighth in the long go with a time of 18.02. On Sunday Steinhoff got a time of 17.87, putting her in fourth place in the short go and second place in the average. Wall got first place in the short go with a time of 17.6. She placed third in the average.

"We had an excellent rodeo this year," said Agriculture Instructor Lori Montgomery. "We had the best bucking bulls and brocks that we have had in years. The excellent stock helped us to have a super show for the crowd."

The stock was provided by Medicine River Rodeo Company out of Greensburg. Along with the stock, Prather said the weather also helped for the rodeo to be a success, though crowd numbers won't be in until later in the week.