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Cast of Annie Jr. announced

17 June 2011

The Pratt Community College Performing Arts Program is pleased to announce the cast for "Annie, Jr."

The musical is an adaptation of the "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip takes us to 1930s New York where an 11-year-old orphan is determined to find her family.

The musical cast ranges in age from 4 to 18-years-old and will have a run time of about 90 minutes. Two productions will take place in Carpenter Auditorium, July 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m. each night. There is a suggested donation of $4 to help offset the costs of the show.

The large cast has members from Pratt, Turon, St. John, Medicine Lodge and all points in between.

Director for the show is PCC Theatre Instructor Misty Beck.

The cast is as follows:Annie, played by Amber Jellison-Harris, is on a search to find her real parents so she no longer has to stay in the Girls' Annex of The New York City Municipal Orphanage. She is in the orphanage with Pepper, the toughest of the orphans, played by Gabrielle Murray, Duffy played by Brooke Theis, Kate played by Erin Jackson, Tessie, the crybaby, is Brooklyn Hernandez, Kayley Geesling playing July, Molly, the youngest of the orphans, is played by Izzabella Barker, Holly is played by Olivia Gallaugher Jacobs and Alice is played by Allison Clark.

The Hannigan's Orphans are: Megan Kolm, Abigail Doman, Isabella Garcia, Abby Geesling, Summer Dipman, Abigail Jellison, Katelyn McGraw, Isabel Thornock, Jenna Harbaugh, Alyssa McGraw, Sophia Arnold, T'Lane Tobin, Haley Mitchell, Lexi Cunningham, Niki Voss, Madison Carroll, Madalynn Wilson, Brynn Jellison, Kami Theis, McKenna Carroll, Crystal Lukens, Bailey Jackson, Mackenzie Hacker, Mackenzie Zimmerman, Kierstyn Cunningham, Lauren Kolm and Jordyn Sanko. Miss Hannigan, who is in charge of the orphanage, is played by Ivy McAnarney.

Hannigan's brother, Rooster, is played by Sam Eastes and his girlfriend, Lily St. Regis is played by Britney Woody. Oliver Warbucks, who wants to invite an orphan to his mansion for Christmas, is Andrew Meaders and Warbucks secretary Grace Ferrell is played by Kendra Hacker. Warbuck's butler, Drake, is being played by Caleb Hitz and his French maids Cecille and Annette are being played by Emma Twigg and Sammie Harrison. His head housekeeper, Mrs. Greer is being played by Brooke Fisher and Quiana Pico is playing Mrs. Pugh, the head cook. The Singing Dancing Servants will be Emma Twigg, Sammie Harrison, Brooke Fisher, Quiana Pico, Sidney Harrison, Taylor Tobin, Lauren Voss, Shiloh Murray, Dani Grey, Mindi Popovich, Hannah Powell, Kayla Harbaugh and Miranda Flemming.

The usherette will be Sidney Harrison and Mindi Popovich will be playing the star-to-be. The Boylan Sisters on Bert Healy's Show will be Sammie Harrison, Emma Twigg and DanI Grey. Drew Taylor is Mr. Bundles, the laundry guy and is also in charge of the sound effects. AJ Arensdorf will be Apple Seller and the man in the window. J.Jay Popovich will be playing the dog catcher and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's assistant. The Lt. Ward and cop will be played by Cody Schelling and playing Franklin D. Roosevelt and the radio announcer will be Dustin McGraw.

Radio announcer Bert Healy is played by Jacob Arnold. The New York City chorus/Street people and all singing dancing servants will be Micah Carroll, Caleb Powell, Josh Hewatt, Taye Wilson, Dylan Reimer, Abram Gwinn, Drew Taylor, AJ Arensdorf, J.Jay Popovich, Jake Arnold, Cody Schelling, Dustin McGraw, Haley Mitchell, Lexi Cunningham, Madison Carroll, Niki Voss and Megan Kolm.