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Strohl Received Ag Power Foundation from PCC

17 August 2011

After learning about farm equipment used in fields today, Keith Strohl started working with advanced technology for Record Harvest Enterprise, Inc.

Strohl graduated from Pratt Community College's Ag Power Technology Program in 2003 and then went to Fort Hays State University, through PCC, where he received a degree in Technical Leadership.

At his job now, Strohl is the manager in the State of Kansas for Record Harvest Enterprise, Inc., where he focuses on selling advanced equipment and helping with installs, when needed.

"Advancements in farming have always interested me," Strohl said. "It is fun to be on the leading edge of technology and growing up on a farm it is fun to see how quickly we are advancing in the field."

Strohl said he decided to come to PCC because it not only had the degree he wanted, but was also close to his home town, Cunningham. When Strohl was a senior in high school he was able to come to PCC and take a couple of Ag Power Technology classes.

"I wanted to get out of my high school classes and do something I was interested in," he said. "Because I was interested in the classes [at the college] I thought they were easy and fun."

One unique part of the Ag Power program on PCC's campus, is that students are able to go to classes for eight weeks and then work at a dealership for eight weeks to get experience, which Strohl said was nice because he was able to see what he would be doing in the future in the dealership and learn what he needed to know to be successful in a job.

After going to PCC for two years, Strohl decided to stay at PCC for another two years and receive a degree from FHSU on the PCC's campus.

"I was glad it was offered through PCC," he said. "It allowed me to get a Bachelors degree without leaving the area. I was really happy with my decision to stay. All four years I learned a lot with the quality of teachers and class sizes."

Without what he learned through both programs on Pratt's campus, Strohl said he wouldn't have been as successful at his current job.

"The hands-on experience in Ag Power help prepare me for the technology and mechanics part of my job, while the Fort Hays classes helped to prepare me for the sales and communication with people," he said.