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Roe gives PCC credit for her confidence

27 July 2011

Knowing that she needed an internship to graduate from college, Lacey Roe started sending out her resume to many different places not knowing what to expect or who would call back. When she got a call back from the Kansas City Chiefs graphic design department she was excited.

"Even though I had been at Pitt State for a year, I took my work from PCC," Roe, who graduated from Pratt Community College in 2009, said. "They thought it was creative and outside-the-box so hired me."

Roe said she took work she had created in different classes she took while at PCC, along with work that she created on her own time.

During her internship, Roe said she was able to work one-on-one with the graphic designer and was doing the same things the graphic designer was.

Roe, who grew up in Norton, received her degree from PCC in graphic design and is now working on finishing her degree at Pittsburg State University. She will graduate in May of 2012 with a degree in graphic design.

Roe said she originally started looking into PCC because her older brother went to school here and really enjoyed it and said she picked graphic design after working on the yearbook in high school. She said doing that helped her to realize that she enjoyed being creative and manipulating photos. Roe said that she made the right choice by picking PCC and her major.

"Pratt was a great transition from high school to a four year college," Roe said. "I have confidence that I never would have had, if I hadn't went there."

Roe said having that confidence at a four year school is important to be able to succeed.

"I was able to ask questions [at PCC] because of the same class sizes and now that I am at a larger school I have the confidence to raise my hand and ask questions there as well," she said. "I never would have been willing to do that had I went straight to a four-year school."