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Pritchett-Huesman follows dream to perform live

25 July 2011

In high school Kellye Pritchett-Huesman dreamed of being a high school drama teacher. She came to Pratt Community College to pursue that goal, and realized she wanted something different.

"Once I got [to PCC] I started performing in musicals and singing the National Anthem at basketball games, which made me think that maybe I could be a performer," Pritchett-Huesman said.

While at PCC, Pritchett-Huesman changed her major to music performance and graduated with an Associate Degree in 2003 with a minor in theatre.

After graduating from PCC, Pritchett-Huesman went to Sevierville, Tenn., and started working as a performer at Dollywood, where she is still at today.

Pritchett-Huesman said she originally chose to come to PCC because a lot of her friends were, but said it was the right decision.

"It was a fantastic experience," she said. "I don't feel I ever would have been able to perform for a living without what I learned at PCC."

Pritchett-Huesman said she feels this way because being involved in Encore and theatre productions at PCC allowed her to get over her nerves to perform in front of people and also helped her to grow as a musician.

"I took very difficult courses that taught me how to sing different music types," she said. "The teachers guided me to broaden my horizons."

Being from a single parent home, Pritchett-Huesman said she never could have completed school without the funding she received while at PCC. She received the Pratt County Scholarship, which allowed her get money back with financial aid to help with the other expenses of college.

Since leaving PCC, Pritchett-Huesman said one of her best experiences has been performing Dolly Parton songs with Parton sitting three rows back.

"PCC gave me the confidence to apply for the job and know that I was capable of getting it," she said. "I never would have thought any of it was possible without the faculty there."