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Divilbiss achieves goals at PCC

12 August 2011

Getting as good of an education as possible and getting into the workforce as quickly as possible were Casey Divilbiss's two goals out of high school.

After visiting Pratt Community College's Electrical Power Technology Program, he decided both goals could be accomplished at PCC. In order to achieve, Divilbiss, of Great Bend, started taking courses in high school and after one year at PCC he joined the workforce and started taking online courses.

"I really liked being able to do that," he said. "I was able to work and turn some of those hours in for my online courses."

After his freshman year of college, Divilbiss got an internship at Sunflower Electric in Great Bend and has been there ever since.

Divilbiss said he became interested in being a lineman after speaking with a guy in Great Bend who worked at a substation about being a lineman. The guy brought him to PCC to see the facilities and meet the instructors, both which impressed Divilbiss.

"After seeing the campus I knew they had a good program and that I would get a good education," he said.

Once leaving PCC Divilbiss said he felt the same about the school and quality of education.

"I think they did a really good job," he said about the instructors. "They taught me what I needed to know without teaching me any extra clutter."

Along with learning how to be a lineman, Divilbiss said he also learned many life lessons while at PCC including not to give up. While going to PCC Divilbiss said his goal was to get an internship at one of the larger corporations and when he was offered the one at Sunflower Electric his advisors at PCC told him to take it and try for a job with the larger company later.

"When I got on with Sunflower I was a little disappointed," he said. "Now that I am here I think it is great and have been here for two years and really enjoy it."