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Livingston happy with her choice to come to PCC

20 May 2015

Knowing from an early age that she wanted to work with children, Leah Livingston majored in Elementary Education while at Pratt Community College in 1996.

Though her life took a different turn, Livingston is still working with children today and in 2013 she received the Unsung Heroes Award for all of her hard work with those children.

The Unsung Heroes Award was given to her by Communities in Schools, a leading dropout prevention organization. Livingston coordinates two programs for students in Lakewood, Wash., and coordinates an after-school program at the Tillicum Community Learning Center with a focus on academics and enrichment clubs, including a music club, which Livingston leads.

“It was a huge honor to receive the award,” Livingston said. “I work for a non-profit so I didn’t go into it thinking I would get recognition or high pay. It’s nice to see that people notice my hard work.”

Livingston enjoys her job and said she plans to continue doing it, though she is switching schools this fall and will be working at Clover Park High School, which is also in Lakewood.

Livingston graduated from Pratt High School in 1994 and then went to Barclay College after graduating from PCC. While at Barclay she majored in Para-Church Youth Ministry, which is a non-traditional youth ministry program.

“When I got to Barclay College I had all my pre-reqs out of the way so I could dive straight into the classes I needed for my degree,” she said. “PCC helped give me the foundation I needed to be prepared and held me to a high standard, which got me ready for the classes at Barclay.”

Livingston said going to a community college first was a great idea for her because it let her try so many different classes and organizations. While at PCC, Livingston was involved in the music program and on an Above and Beyond Scholarship.

The Above and Beyond Scholarship is the highest achievement students can get coming into PCC and is given to students who show leadership and academic success through their high school career.

“It is a great foundation,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you want to go straight into a career or go on to a four-year college, you get a wonderful education for cheaper.”

Livingston said between her scholarship and being able to live at home with her parents, she was able to get through her first two years of school debt free.

In her free time, Livingston enjoys singing and helping with her husband, Daniel’s youth group. She also has two daughters who are 8 and 13.