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Skyline Creates PCC Presidential Award

13 January 2015

On Jan. 8, Skyline Schools presented six students with the Pratt Community College Presidential Award as part of a special awards assembly. The students awarded were seventh graders Brock Montgomery, Scott Ewing and Riley Washington, and eighth graders Gracie Bricker, Gabriel Flanders and Adison Hampton. 

K-8 Principal Becca Flowers said the two schools wanted to create an award which would challenge and recognize students based on a rubric of criteria for successful students. 

“Every day they are preparing themselves for the future, whether it be in college, technical school or a career,” said Flowers. “My goal is for them to realize that the decisions they make and habits they form today will make a difference in several years.”

Earlier this year, each student completed a self-assessment based on that new rubric that included attendance, preparedness, attentiveness, politeness and respect, school spirit, helpfulness and positivity, ownership of education and initiative in seeking out teacher feedback and interaction. The self-assessment did not factor into the recipient selection and teachers provided the final rating, but for Flowers, the student participation was just as important.

“I had every student do a self-rating because I want them to learn to reflect and grow, rather than depend on adults to do all the grading,” she said. “I thought it would also be a way for them to look a little closer at the qualities that are valued by colleges, universities and future employers.”

Lisa Perez Miller, PCC Vice President of Students and Enrollment Management, presented the award certificates at the assembly.

“We know the importance of engaging students early so they can begin establishing good habits and study skills to be utilized throughout their high school and college years,” said Miller. “We are excited to recognize these students and partner with Skyline School on this positive initiative.”

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