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PCC Welcomes Miss Kansas Pageant

22 May 2015

This year, Pratt celebrates 60 years of hosting the Miss Kansas Pageant. Pratt Community College is the longtime provider of the pageant’s unique venue and a major in-kind sponsor. The event, which brings hundreds of people into the community from around the state, has been held on campus for over half of its history in Pratt.The pageant is held in the college’s Dennis Lesh Sport Arena, and contestants spend the week residing in the college residence halls. 

"It is through the dedication of the members of this community that we are able to continue hosting this event year after year," said PCC President Michael Calvert. "In addition to being an exciting social event, the pageant is also a way for us to participate in providing scholarship dollars to these talented young women and contribute to their education in the future."

Miss Kansas 2014 Amanda Sasek speaks highly of her experience during last year’s competition, and the hospitality extended by the college and community during her stay.

“No one ever makes you feel like an outsider,” said Sasek, a native of Moberly, Mo. “All the contestants are embraced by the community and I always feel that I have a second home in Pratt. We got a close look at the facilities of Pratt Community College throughout the week, which are nicer than those of many other community colleges.”

PCC is also an in-kind scholarship sponsor, meaning that it is one of 20 higher education institutions in the state that partners with the Miss Kansas organization to offer scholarships to contestants, contingent upon eligibility and specified requirements. Many Board of Regents schools are facing funding cuts and in numerous cases, in-kind scholarships are the best option for Kansas women to complete their degrees and graduate on time. Last year $3,075,000 in-kind scholarship were made available to contestants. 

”I’ve traveled all over Kansas visiting both schools that are in-kind donors and those who aren’t,” said Sasek. “The majority of community colleges are on board, as PCC is, and we are encouraging them all to partner with us. Our goal is to make it possible for young women across the state to complete their education without having to leave the state.”

One of the ways Pratt Community College is participating in the 60th anniversary celebration is by showcasing contestant artwork in the Delmar Riney Art Gallery. Each young woman created a piece of art for the featured exhibit that reflects the 60th anniversary theme, as well as the uniqueness of her title region. The exhibit is on display now through June 26 in the Riney Student Center on campus. 

“We are honored to be at the college and look forward to many wonderful years to come," said Sasek.

The pageant will be held June 1 - 6, 2015. Miss Kansas 2015 & Miss Kansas’ Outstanding Teen 2015 will be crowned June 6 in Dennis Lesh Sports Arena.

Providing facilities and services for a large scale event like the pageant is just one of the ways that PCC celebrates being part of the Pratt community. Our mission is maximum student learning, individual and workforce development, high quality instruction and service, and community enrichment. Each year, the members of the PCC family contribute more than 13,000 hours in community service and engagement to South Central Kansas. Our middle name is community.