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PCC offers tuition assistance for Pratt County Students

21 December 2016

Pratt Community College is giving back to the Pratt County community with scholarship dollars and service. The Pratt County High School Senior Grant Scholarship was established by the PCC Board of Trustees. The scholarship provides tuition assistance for all graduating high school seniors who are residents of Pratt County and graduated from Pratt County High School. In addition to the scholarship dollars it also provides community service hours back into Pratt County. This grant is available for the academic term within two years of high school graduation.
“PCC wants to recognize the investment Pratt County residents have made in support of the college,” said Dr. Michael Calvert, PCC President, “We are helping our local students and in turn they are helping Pratt County with their community service hours required by this grant.”
There are two levels of assistance available for students. The first level will entitle students to a maximum of $350 per semester while maintaining a GPA 2.0 or higher and completing 20 hours annually of community service within Pratt County.
The second level, which was created this year, will offer students a full-tuition scholarship currently valued at $1,900. In return the student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and completed 50 hours of community service annually also within Pratt County.
Applications for the Pratt County High School Senior Grant is August 1 of each year. Potential and current students who are interested in applying for any scholarship can visit prattcc.edu/scholarships. There they can apply directly for the Pratt County Senior Grant Scholarship by selecting it on the application.