Pratt Community College announces their hours for the Summer.

Summer hours begin Monday, May 21 and will extend through Friday, July 27. Operating business hours will be  7:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday.

PCC is closed Saturdays...

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Former student lends credit to PCC years

18 November 2016

A Pratt Community College former student gives credit to the foundation that was built while he went to school in Pratt. Doug Cramer, son of PCC Psychology and Sociology Instructor David Cramer, is now a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo. and gives credit to his successful years in higher education because of what he learned while at PCC.

Cramer attended PCC in 1995-1996 to get the groundwork started in general education classes with the intention to transfer to a four year university. From an early start Cramer knew he wanted to be a Meteorologist and knew he wanted to get his degree from the University of Kansas (KU). Coming out of high school he also knew he wasn’t ready to go straight into a four year setting.

“I definitely wasn’t mature enough to go straight to a university,” said Cramer. “Attending helped me grow, helped me learn how to study and really just gave me a solid foundation so that I could be successful in the future.”

While at PCC Cramer was on the Baseball team under Coach Greg Miller. Cramer says that being on the team and having Miller as a mentor helped him learn more than just how to be successful on the field but in life as well.

In the classroom, Cramer says there were a number of instructors who had an impact on him. Cramer took as many courses as he could that would have a benefit on him after transferring. Cramer says that his most beneficial classes were Public Speaking, English and Physical Science.

“Teachers like Rose Beilman, Monette DePew and David Oldie taught me a lot. They and so many more of the faculty at PCC were, and are, so student centered,” said Cramer. “They connect with their students and I am thankful for that.”

Cramer credits his father for being a huge encouragement while trying to complete his college years.

“Oddly enough I never had my dad as a teacher,” said Cramer. “But his encouragement and advice was invaluable while I was in college. It’s a challenging area of study and he helped me get through it.”

After PCC Cramer went on to KU where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science. Cramer has worked at the National Weather Service for 16 years and says that he has a lot of passion and pride in in what he does. In his career he has served the SE Kansas and Missouri Ozarks area focusing on severe weather and flash floods. Cramer has even broken several tornados. Issuing warnings and communicating with state and local officials to help get people to safety.

Cramer says he will always speak highly of the community college experience.

“I’m not sure I would have made it at KU if it hadn’t of been for PCC.”