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Skaggs feels it's important to work while attending school

02 April 2015

After working in retail for more than five years, Abby Skaggs decided it was time to try a different part-time job while in school.

Skaggs, a sophomore at Pratt Community College majoring in Accounting and Business, was offered a tellers job as a teller at People’s Bank and decided to try it.

“I was looking for something different than retail,” Skaggs said. “I love the constant flow of people and that I put what I learn at the school to use on a daily basis.”

Skaggs said the most useful class skills at her job have been the computer skills she’s learned and what she learned in her accounting class.

“Technology changes and as it does, it’s nice to have students who are learning the newer technology that we maybe don’t know,” said her boss, Deb Goyen. “Sometimes it seems like college employees teach us as much as we teach them.”

Goyen said they like hiring a student or two from the college each year because they can work over breaks when many of the fulltime employees want off, as long as the student lives in town or doesn’t they have to go home over breaks like Christmas and summer.

When Skaggs first started working at the bank, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after she graduated from PCC but has decided that she wants to stay at People’s Bank and eventually try to work her way up.

“My main goal in life is to continue having a job I love,” she said.

Goyen said they have had many PCC business students decide to stay in the banking industry after working there in college, herself included.

Skaggs has enjoyed the job so much, this semester she is taking less hours and working more knowing that she will have to go to school one extra semester. She said it was worth it to help pay the bills and it makes her feel accomplished.

“I’m not a person who can just lay around,” Skaggs said. “I need to work to feel like I am making my own way.”

Skaggs decided to major in Accounting and Business because of her family’s background in business and she said it comes easy to her.

In Skaggs free time she likes to paint, play golf and is currently planning her wedding.