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PCC Hosts Nursing Student Orientation

29 June 2016

The Pratt Community College Nursing program will have 50 new nursing students in the ADN and PN programs this Fall.

The orientation is a mandatory event that all accepted nursing students are required to attend. It is held annually approximately six weeks prior to the start of fall classes.

The students selected for the Practical Nurse, and Associate Degree Nurse  programs on both the Pratt and Winfield campuses, Hybrid/Online ADN program were present on the PCC campus.  There were 46 students from all parts of Kansas plus students from Oklahoma and Colorado.

The orientation event is a required component of the Nursing Program.  It offers an opportunity to meet PCC administration, staff and nursing faculty. The students are provided an hands on introduction to each department on campus with which they will work over the next year. They are provided an opportunity to meet with financial aid staff, order uniforms and textbook packages and learn techniques to manage their self-service accounts and PCC email.

The day concludes with the PN and ADN classes meeting separately with the faculty of their specific program.  The faculty, with input from Dr. Fitzpatrick, provided the overview of the program.  The program expectations, goals, professional standards of conduct and gained a clear message as to the conduct and performance expected in  the classroom.  Additionally the faculty provided an overview to the clinical requirements, and the clinical schedule.

The first day of classes is Aug 16 at both Pratt and Winfield campuses.