• Women's Soccer lose to Johnson County 0-9 (Oct.3)
  • Volleyball team win 3-2 against Colby (Oct.3)
  • MEN'S SOCCER win 8-1 against Johnson County(Oct. 3)
  • MEN'S XC: Top ten finish (Sept. 19)
  • WOMEN'S XC: New PCC record in the five-thousand meter run set by Breanna Phillips (20:11) and Krystal Rivera (20:15) (Oct. 3)

Online/Hybrid ADN Completion Program

Pratt Community College offers a Online/Hybrid ADN Completion Program.  With the program 100 percent of the theory is online.  

Clinical sites are selected by our Clinical Coordinator.  Clinicals are throughout the state of Kansas. There are times that you will be required to be on the Pratt Community College Campus. To find out more about clinicals, click here.

The Online/Hybrid program is a very demanding program and not a program designed for everyone.  We recommend that you are self motivated, have the support of family, friends and the workplace.  You should consider the online program as a full time job. Working a full time job and participating in the online/hybrid ADN completion program is not recommended.

August 2016 start

  • April 1, 2016 Application deadline
  • May 15, 2016 Pre-Req completion, transcripts and TEAS-V sent to nursing admissions
  • June 1, 2016 completed immunizations, health insurance, CPR training

For cost information, please see our ADN cost sheet.

Steps to apply are:

1.) Apply to Pratt Community College
2.) Complete Nursing Application 
3.) Review the Admission Requirements

Other important information:

Financial Aid