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About PCC Chandler School of Nursing

Nursing Program Features
The Pratt Community College Nursing Programs offer both a Practical Nursing (PN-LPN) Certificate and an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Degree (ADN-RN).  The PCC Nursing Programs offer students a variety of convenient ways to attend classes through on campus courses located in Pratt and Winfield, Kansas along with distance education.

Nursing Program Mission
The mission of the Pratt Community College Nursing Programs is to facilitate a high quality education which encourages students to embrace lifelong learning and prepares them to function as a caring, professional nurse providing safe, quality, and evidence-based nursing care, within the communities they serve.

Nursing Program Organizing Framework
The foundation of the Nursing Program’s curriculum moves from simple to complex. The framework encompasses established professional standards for nursing education based on the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies, NLN competencies, and Massachusetts Nurse of the Future competencies which all guide the curriculum.

Nursing Program Philosophy
The philosophy of the PCC Nursing Program is in accordance with the philosophy and mission statements of PCC. Nursing practice is holistic and caring in nature. It requires a knowledge base from the discipline of nursing, the biological and physical sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, diversity and communication. Nursing is a collaborative relationship –centered discipline involving individuals, their support systems, and the intra-disciplinary healthcare team. Nursing utilizes competent and deliberative actions including sound nursing judgment and clinical reasoning, based upon the nursing process, to assist clients in achieving their optimal level of wellness.
The teaching-learning process involves a systematic, outcome-directed process that encompasses the roles of the educator and learner. The nursing faculty embraces scholarship through discovery, learning, application and integration throughout the teaching-learning process. The role of educator is that of guide, facilitator and supporter. The role of learner is that of being goal-directed toward the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values in nursing. The student has the responsibility for his/her own learning. The teaching-learning process takes place in an integrated program of study that goes from simple to complex.