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Residence Hall Facilities

Beck Hall was built in 1986 and houses 36 women. It is a pod-style facility with two people per room and one large bathroom per hall. The lobby area features a kitchenette, vending machines, couches, big screen TV, computers and study areas. The building has a private laundry facility. This facility received new furniture in the summer of 2007.

Novotny Hall recently received a renovation that included new furniture, a refurbished lounge area, as well as kitchenette. The dorm houses 96 men and is the largest residence hall on campus. Novotny is a pod-style building with several rooms sharing bathrooms that connect the east and west wings. A recreation room in the basement serves as a study area, with a television. The building has a private laundry facility.

North Hall was built in 1998. This co-ed facility houses 64 people. This suite-style facility pairs two rooms with a bathroom, and there are eight single rooms in this building as well. North Hall also has handicap accessible rooms. The lobby features computers, a large TV, and study area. The second floor lounge has a study area as well. The building has a private laundry facility.

Scholarship Hall was completed in 2002. This facility is also co-ed with the suite-style layout. Much like North Hall, the lobby features computers, a TV and a study area. The second floor lobby is home to an additional recreation and study area. This facility has a private laundry facility.


Porter Hall was built in 1983 and houses 16 students. This facility is designed much like Beck Hall with a pod-style layout. The lobby area features a recreation and study area with a TV and computers. Private laundry facilities are available.


Dr. William Wojciechowski Hall is PCC's newest residence hall and was completed in 2010. This facility is co-ed and offers apartment-style living amenities. Each apartment provides two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen with four students occupying an apartment. The main lobby provides students computers and a television, while a smaller second-floor lounge allows for studying and socializing with friends. The building also has a private laundry facility.

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