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PCC opens enrollment for new technical program

01 April 2018

Pratt Community College has announced a new program to begin in the fall of 2018.

The new program, Modern Distribution Sales & Management (MDSM) provides an exceptional opportunity for students to experience learning outside of the classroom as well as a paid internship.  Students have an opportunity to earn an MSDM Certificate after one year, earn their AAS of MSDM Degree, or earn their AS Degree and transfer to a four year university for a BS in Industrial Distribution.

PCC’s MDSM associate program is a combination of supply chain logistics, sales, information systems, finance, marketing, and procurement. MDSM professionals are hands-on workers who primarily operate as the sales and marketing arm for manufacturers of industrial products. Course offerings provide students with professional, technical, business, communication, and leadership competencies.

It is the goal of the institution and program to help students in the MDSM program gain hands-on experience with local businesses as well as offer them meaningful exposure to potential job opportunities within the county and state. The new curriculum will include real-world exposure to the industry by visiting companies on-site and participating in internships with program industry partners such as Stanion Wholesale Electric.

Visit the MDSM program page for more information about the program or you can contact Egging at jennye@prattcc.edu or Frank Stahl at franks@prattcc.edu.