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PCC Honors Dr. Ibeawuchi, Women of Character, Courage and Commitment

25 March 2014

To celebrate Women’s History Month and to illustrate her classroom curriculum, Pratt Community College instructor Rhonda Westerhaus invited a local author to come speak on campus.

On March 25, Dr. Shirle Ibeawuchi of Pratt spoke in the Linda Hunt Memorial Library about the book she co-authored, “The Dream," and the school she founded in Nigeria, which currently supports close to 150 students.

“The library is celebrating Women’s History month and so this was a great way for us to work together,” said Westerhaus, who teaches a Children's Literature class. “Shirle is an amazing person with a great story to tell. She is a woman of courage.”

Guests congregated for coffee and a meet and greet at 7:45 a.m. before the program began at 8 a.m.

Ibeawuchi shared stories of her family's enslavement in the United States, anecdotes of growing up as the only black family in Pratt, and her experiences in Nigeria.

"Though I had read as much as there was to read before going to Nigeria, I was still surprised when I stepped off the plane," said Ibeawuchi. "Everything you read about modern Africa is true, but it is one sided, and you can never fully understand the country and the people until you experience it for yourself."