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PCC library and resource center receives grant

22 January 2016

The Linda Hunt Memorial Library and Learning Resource Center (LRC) was awarded with a grant from the South Central Community Foundation and Eleanor Kerr Fund.

The $500 grant will assist in providing the Learning Resource Center with 32 DVD’s that coincide with and support American History classes at Pratt Community College. The list of required DVD’s are structured around “History through Film.” The series encourages students to act on a critical thinking level to what they see on screen and allow the instructor to stimulate student historical interest through a medium of enjoyment.

“The historical context is brought out through these films. Critical thinking along with inspiring historical aspect is enjoyable for students,” said Sandra Wagner, Director of Learning Resources at PCC.

The “History through Film” supplement DVD list includes films such as “Glory”, “The Jazz Singer”, “Schindler’s List”, and the “Star Wars Trilogy”.

The LRC manages and monitors on average 100 students per day through the academic spring and fall semesters. Currently, the Linda Hunt Memorial Library/Learning Resource Center holds three out of the 32 required different films that import from the historical aspects of American History.

The PCC library offers print works, books, electronic resources [State Kansas Library] as well as video sources. These extensive collections are specialized needs for the faculty and student available in-house or online 24/7/365.