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Director of Financial Aid

General Description and Purpose
The Director of Financial Aid shall be responsible for the overall organization and implementation of all aspects dealing with Financial Aid and Grants.
     Primary Functions/Responsibilities

  1. Counseling of students and parents concerning the application process, the costs of education, the different alternatives for financing the cost of education, and at times, personal budgeting.
  2. Administration and management of the Title IV programs, including Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, College Work Study, Plus Loan, FFEL Loans. 
  3. Administration and management of the state of Kansas scholarship programs, including Kansas State, Kansas Nursing Service, Kansas Vocational Education, Kansas Ethnic Minority, and Military Service, and the Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance and Foster Child Education Assistance programs.
  4. Administration of the Institutional Work Study Program.
  5. Administration of the Scholarship/Grant Program for PCC and PCC Foundation and the identification of funding sources.
  6. Interpretation and implementation of Federal regulations, including staff training.
  7. Implementation and management of computer systems for record keeping and processing of applications.
  8. Conducting workshops in area high schools for the students, parents, and counselors.
  9. Development of student consumer, budgeting, debt management, and loan information.
  10. Maintain accurate student files on each applicant.
    1. request student and/or parent information as needed
    2. perform verification of student data as required by federal regulation
    3. package student awards of financial aid
    4. work closely with the Business Office on the disbursement of financial aid.
  11.  Prepare the annual FISAP report.
  12. Act as Chairperson of the Financial Assistance Committee.
  13. Track authorizations and expenditures of financial aid.
  14.  Develop and update consumer information and publications concerning financial aid.
  15.  Administration of external scholarship awards.
  16.  Prepare data for single audit and financial aid program reviews.   

      Coordination and Accountability Tasks

  1. Assimilation of data and reports concerning the financial aid programs for the Vice-President of Finance and Operations, the President and the Board of Trustees.
  2. Responsibility to answer audits and program reviews.
  3. Work closely with, coordinate with, and provide information to the Pratt Community College Foundation Board.
  4. Develop and maintain financial aid policies and practices for the college.
  5. Undertake research, prepare studies, reports and recommendations concerning financial aid policies and practices for the college.
  6. As assigned by Vice-President of Finance & Operations.

      Supervises the Following Staff

  1. Financial Aid Counselor
  2. Financial Aid Clerk
  3. Any work study students as assigned.

      Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics
            Knowledge of federal regulations concerning all aspects of financial aid.

  1. Two years experience in administering federal aid programs preferably at the college level preferred.
  2. Two years experience in business or accounting-related field or experience in college financial aid office required.
  3. Strong computer skills including experience with Word, Excel, database, and computerized accounting systems required.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or related field preferred.
  2. Master's degree preferred. 

      Certifications and/or Licensure
      Work Conditions/Environment
            Office setting.
Position may require evening and/or weekend work.

Job Type: 

Professional Exempt

Employee Type: 

Full Time