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Assistant Men's Basketball Coach / Residential Supervisor

Anticipated Start Date: 07/20/2020
General Description and Purpose
The Assistant Men's Basketball Coach is delegated the responsibility for assisting in the development, organization, supervision, and management of the Men's basketball program.

 Primary Functions/Responsibilities
1. Understand, support and enforce all policies, athletic as well as academic, as expressed by the Board of Trustees and administration of Pratt Community College.  This will be done in letter, intent and spirit.
2. Actively seek and maintain professional and friendly relations with the following: administration and faculty, community, Beaver Backers Booster Club, press and media, students and parents.
3. Assist the head coach in implementing a long range plan for the improvement of the basketball program.
4. Support and assist the head coach in all practice and game settings deemed necessary.
5. Assist the head coach with schedules, budgets and inventory of the basketball program.
6. Assist the head coach in monitoring and maintaining practice facilities.
7. Remain current with professional literature, attending clinics and workshops as available.
8. Be an active member of the Beaver Backers Booster Club, and actively participate in fund-raising for the athletic program, including respective sport.
9. Help monitor and maintain practice facilities.
10. Participate with the head coach in an annual evaluation of the basketball program.
11. Assist the head coach in monitoring all men's basketball student athletes living on or off-campus.
12. Recruit student athletes who are in good social standing not only in their respective high schools, but in their communities as well.
13. Work towards preserving the student athletes' acceptable social standing in both the institution and the Pratt community.
14. Assist recruiting sufficient numbers necessary to operate a meaningful program and to add to the student population as well.
15. Assist Head Coach in monitoring academic progress of student athletes and promoting a culture of academic excellence.
16. Other duties as assigned by Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Athletic Director.

 Coordination and Accountability Tasks
Remain current with and abide by NJCAA and Jayhawk Conference rules and regulations.

 Supervises the Following Staff
Assists with the supervision of all student workers involved with the program including managers, statistician, etc.

 Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics
1. Willingness to understand the community college role and mission.
2. Ability to communicate effectively with staff, faculty, administration and community.
3. Ability to communicate with and command respect from students and serve as a role model to them.

Coaching and/or playing experience at the college and/or high school level required..

Bachelor’s degree required; master’s preferred.

 Certifications and/or Licensure

 Work Conditions/Environment
  Office and basketball court settings.

  Position requires evening and weekend work.


General Description and Purpose
The supervisor will reside on campus and manage a designated residence hall and other halls as assigned or needed.  The supervisor is responsible for the direct leadership, management, and supervision of a designated residence hall or halls and group or residents.  The supervisor will enforce residence hall rules and regulations, and organize, implement, and develop programs, services and/or procedures within the guidelines established by the Director of Residence Life, the Vice President for Students/Enrollment Management, the President, and the Board of Trustees.  The role of the supervisor is also to implement and maintain programs for the residence hall(s) that will result in student educational, social and cultural growth.  The supervisor serves as part of the residence life team that supervises the entire residence life program on a rotating or as-needed basis.  The Residential Supervisor will also provide support to the Student Recreation Center and assist with other student and residence life programs.  Must possess sound communication, organization and supervisory skills; demonstrate a positive student-centered approach and ability to work in a team environment.  The position is a full-time, 12-month position and the supervisor is required to live on campus during the 12-month period.  Work schedules will include weekends, evenings and holidays as assigned by the Director and will not follow a traditional workweek schedule.
 Primary Functions/Responsibilities

  1. General management of residence hall facility, including safety, maintenance, and security checks and appropriate follow-up action and/or communication.
  2. Assist in assigning rooms to students and work with any roommate problems and consolidation of spaces as directed.
  3. Attend all Residence Life staff meeting as scheduled.
  4. Attend required specific student activities and designated programs including Orientation Week, Homecoming, etc.
  5. Maintain and issue all room keys and hall keycards as directed.
  6. Reside in the residence hall during period students are in residence (except those times specifically provided for release for specific college responsibilities or time-off).  To aid students as requested and to provide service to students as needed.
  7. Perform regularly scheduled room checks and hall repair and maintenance checks as directed.  File room check and maintenance report.
  8. Close and secure residence halls each night, and on assigned weekends, including checkout of RA and tour of facility(s) to enforce visitation regulations.
  9. Open, close, and secure halls at the beginning and end of holiday periods, and at the beginning and end of each semester.
  10. Be available in the hall prior to fall semester and after end of semester as directed.  The work schedule will follow the same leave schedule as designated for professional staff, including holidays, and spring break periods.
  11. Conduct regular tours of facility and provide daily log of activity as directed.   File report as directed.
  12. Assist in showing perspective students residence hall rooms.
  13. Act as sponsor for both formal and informal residence hall and/or campus functions as directed.
  14. Aid the director in providing services to students in such areas as:  securing valuable student possessions, making change, receiving and delivering student messages, and other duties as directed.
  15. Supervise cafeteria during regular meals on a rotating basis with the other professional Residence Hall staff members.
  16. Handle disciplinary cases related to residence hall supervision responsibilities and other cases as necessary.  Work closely with Director to monitor and enforce rule violations and student discipline.
  17. Participate and assist in coordinating training, orientation, and meetings for student resident assistants, including period prior to the start of the semester and on-going.
  18. Serve as an administrative hearing officer in judicial cases, as needed.
  19. Assist the director in serving as ‘on-site’ responder to residence life issues.
  20. Serve as a campus resource person for tours, presentations, requests related to residence life.
  21. Maintain an on-site presence in the residence hall when on duty and other times as schedule allows.

 Coordination and Accountability Tasks

  1. Oversee the maintenance of the hall in terms of health, safety and security.  Notify the school nurse or a physician, and if necessary, transport the student to the hospital.  To report all illnesses and/or accidents immediately to the Director.
  2. Enforce all official college residence hall rules and regulations and report any disciplinary  infractions to the proper authorities as dictated by college policy.
  3. Aid the Director of Residence Life with planning, initiating, establishing, and managing a viable and ongoing campus-wide wellness-programming model of recreational, educational, and entertaining activities for resident students.
  4. Assist in organizing and establishing a student governing body for the residence halls, including by-laws for this organization, which are subject to the approval of the Director of Residential Life and the Vice-President for Students & Enrollment Management.
  5. Act as resource person for students with questions about the college or personal concerns.
  6. Report and inform appropriate college officials, including security, maintenance, etc. of issues related to facilities, general operations, students.  Participate in communicating information proactively.
  7. Assist with campus tours for prospective students and campus visitors.
  8. Assist with early enrollment days and registration sessions.
  9. Serve on college committees as assigned.
  10. Work with faculty and staff member to facilitate the recruitment of students.

 Supervises the Following Staff

  1. Recommend the appointment of student Resident Assistants for the halls and upon their appointment supervise their training and the performance of their duties.  To make a continuous evaluation of the student staff, including a written evaluation both fall and spring semester.
  2. Meet with, supervise, and direct all residence hall organizations.

 Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics

  1. Experience in working with high school or college age students.
  2. Must have sound communication skills and philosophy in discipline.
  3. Must be of sound character capable of serving as role model to college age students, with high degree of ethical standards, including adherence to general rules for safety and procedures.
  4. Able to work with the public and become involved with community activities.
  5. Able to take instructions and work independently.
  6. Excellent communication skills.
  7. Excellent organizational skills, including timeliness of reports and communications.
  8. Collaborative, collegial, and responsible work habits.  Ability to work in a team environment.
  9. A commitment to high professional standards, including professional growth.
  10. Personal appearance and conduct must be professional, including communication and wardrobe attire.
  11. Commitment to the comprehensive community college philosophy required.


  1. Minimum two years experience in working with high school or college age students preferred.
  2. Minimum two years previous experience in college setting preferred.
  3. Minimum two years previous residence hall experience preferred.
  4. Minimum two years previous experience in sales or college recruiting preferred.
  5. Minimum two years experience and/or education related to scope of work and essential functions in the job description preferred.

  Bachelor’s degree preferred.

 Certifications and/or Licensure

 Work Conditions/Environment
  Able to respond quickly and provide assistance in situations of health, safety and security.
  Must be able to walk across campus and access various types of buildings.

  Position requires evening and weekend work


Job Type: 


Employee Type: 

Full Time