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INT program receives new 3D printer

25 January 2017

The Information Technology (INT) Program at Pratt Community College just got their hands on a new tech gadget that can be utilized throughout the college. As the spring semester began students in the INT program came to class to learn they had a 3D printer waiting for them. The class, along with INT instructor Kenton Small, set up the printer within a day and installed the software to start creating.
“Objects created in the 3D printed can have a variety of uses,” said Small. “So far we have already made items for science classes and we can make just about anything.”
The new 3D printer is a MakerBot Replicator Z18. It uses filament plastic heated up to more than 400 degrees to build any object that is programmed into it. Students have the opportunity to use templates or design an object of their own design. The INT program wants the printer to be utilized throughout the institution for items needed in nursing, science and more. They have already created a T cell for Jason Ghumm’s biology classes.
The PCC INT program is in their second semester since beginning in Fall 2016. Students are learning concepts computer technology, network technology, security and more. Each class prepares students to earn CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certifications which help individuals build exceptional careers in information technology and enable organizations to form a skilled and confident staff.  
Carol Ricke, the business department chair, says that they are currently restructuring the INT program curriculum for next year to be even more comprehensive and in line with the CompTIA educational programs. This will guide students to earn more certifications along with their associates degree to put them in the best possible place to transfer or begin working.
Small and the INT students are also opening their services to the community who are in need of computer repair. Proceeds from their services will go directly into the INT program fund to be used for classroom upgrades and eSports equipment as the programs grow.
“This gives students good experience at troubleshooting and fixing everyday issues with PC’s,” said Small.
Community members interested in getting their computer repaired at PCC can contact Small at kentons@prattcc.edu.