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eSports Team Off to 3-1 Start in League of Legends Play

01 February 2018

The Pratt Community College eSports team is off to a 3-1 start in the beginning of their “League of Legends” season. Last year, the season started in October. Due to issues with the company that makes the game, Riot Games, the season had to be delayed until this semester.

The team participates in the Collegiate StarLeague, which is a gaming league open to all accredited colleges and universities in North America and Europe. All teams are divided into separate leagues within the Collegiate StarLeague. The PCC team competes in a league with schools such as Sacred Heart University, La Salle University, University of Maryland, and University of Northern Iowa.

The team participates in a two-team tournament each week and the best two out of three games declares the winner. There are seven total tournaments in the season before the overall playoffs in April. To prepare for each tournament, PCC practices for at least eight hours a week as a team, however many team members practice on their own time as well.

“I practice about 20 hours a week, if not more,” said PCC captain, Alex Gonzalez. “I play pretty much every night for an hour or two after I do my assignments and work.”

Most of the team has played “League of Legends” before joining the official eSports team. Gonzalez started playing it in seventh grade while team member David Martinez began playing it three years ago. Some members, however, are fairly new to the game. PCC coach Kenton Small allows players of all experiences to join the team and provides scholarships based on experience level. As a member progresses in experience within the game, more scholarship monies are provided.

Games are scheduled for Saturdays at 2 p.m., however most every game is rescheduled for another time that fits both teams, which is usually at night. The schedule for the rest of the season is listed at http://cstarleague.com/lol/teams/5610. All games are broadcasted and available to watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/pccesports.

Students who are interested in learning more or trying out for eSports can contact Small at kentons@prattcc.edu.