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Three PCC Instructors Recognized for Excellence In Online Instruction

23 August 2011

At the annual EduKan meeting on Aug. 2, the EduKan Consortium of six Kansas community colleges recognized three PCC instructors for the Excellence in Online Instruction. 

The instructors were Carol Bonham, science instructor, Rhonda Westerhaus, education instructor, and Mark Niederman, Personal Finance and Human Relations instructor.

Each instructor was presented a plaque of distinction for receipt of the honor. Student evaluations are conducted at the completion of each course. Those evaluations were used to determine the instructors� scores who were on the highest level of the evaluation scale.

"I was glad to know that my online students feel that I am invested in their success in reaching their educational goals," Bonham said, who teaches two EduKan courses, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Introduction to Geology.

Westerhaus teaches Foundation of Education through EduKan. She feels that positive feedback is always appreciated and putting the feedback into a plaque is a great reminder of the importance of student feedback.

"I have often been told by my students, that without EduKan they would not have been able to further their education and keep their dream of a successful working career alive," Niederman said. "I find it extremely rewarding being an EduKan teacher being able to help my students no matter what their age or personal circumstance to reach their goals."

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