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Social Problems class travels to Hutchinson

02 April 2014

On March 26, David Cramer’s Social Problems class traveled to Hutchinson.

The class is currently learning about crime so they went to the Hutchinson Correctional Facility to find out if they have rehabilitation programs, if they have jobs in the correctional facility and what they are doing to help lessen the burden on taxpayers.

“I wanted the students to be able to see if the textbook matches up with the real world,” Cramer said. “This was a great trip and I think the students learned a lot.”

While on the trip students were able to see the cells where inmates stay, go into different areas where the inmates work to see what types of jobs they do and also visited the Canine Assistance Rehabilitation Education Services (CARES) facilities.

The CARES facilities was a favorite among students, allowing students to watch inmates work with more than 10 dogs and see what tricks and obedience the dogs have learned. After seeing that, students were allowed to talk to the inmates about the CARES program and pet the canines.

One other social problem that was addressed on the trip, was the $1.7 trillion dollars that the government is in debt. To look at this issue closer, the group went to the Hutchinson Cosmosphere and Space Center where they were able to look through the museum, go to Dr. Goddard’s Laboratory and ask questions.

Cramer said he hoped that students were able to see what some of the government’s money has been spent on over the years and look at the benefits versus the cost.

“I really enjoyed the trip,” said Courtney Osborn, freshman from Anthony, Kan. “Being a Criminal Justice major I felt like seeing the prison was very beneficial to me and will be helpful to me in the future.”

Cramer said this was a first year trip for the class and he hopes to do it again in the future.