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PCC offers wide variety of science course options

26 January 2015

Giving students a good educational foundation to help prepare them to transfer to a four-year college is one of the main goals of Pratt Community College’s Science Department.

“One of the things we do well for both majors and non-majors alike is to offer good core classes that transfer to four-year institutions at a competitive price,” said Kip Chambers, chair of the Math and Science Division.

PCC’s science classes are broken down into two areas: Natural Science, which is the study of the biological sciences, including classes like biology, environmental science, microbiology, etc., and Physical Science, which focuses more on the non-living components of the universe. Classes in Physical Science include courses like chemistry, physics and geology.

All students working on their Associate of Science degree at PCC are required to pass a minimum of nine credit hours in science, with half of the hours coming from the Natural Science area and half from the Physical Science area. All science classes offered at PCC are paired with a lab class that helps to reinforce what students are learning in the lecture portion of the class.

“A science requirement is a critical part of any good liberal arts curriculum. It provides students with an opportunity to learn the fundamental concepts that define the living and non-living components of our universe,” Chambers said. “We offer a variety of courses for both majors and non-majors in the math and science disciplines at a competitive price. PCC has small class sizes that give students an opportunity for one-on-one attention with quality instructors who are invested in seeing students succeed.”

PCC offers more than 30 hours of science courses for students to take.