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PCC, K-State to have online collaboration

09 November 2011

On Nov. 7, Kansas State University announced that they will start offering a 2+2 program with Pratt Community College.

The agreement will allow students getting their Associates of Applied Science degree at PCC to get their Bachelor of Science in Technical Management. Students can also receive Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Planning in Social Science through the 2+2 program. Any Liberal Arts major will transfer, along with any psychology or history major.

"This will be targeted towards distance education students," said Jim Stratford, vice president of instruction. "This will allow students to save money by not having to pay the cost of living in Manhattan and will also allow them to get their degree while they are working."

Stratford said this program isn't only beneficial to students who are graduating this spring, but also to students who graduated years ago and want to go back and finish their degree.

According to Joe Varrientos, dean of technical instruction, online classes should be available for students to start taking this spring.

"Online education is the fastest growing high education program in the country," Stratford said. "The main reasons for this are because they allow the students more flexibility and allow students to work while getting their degree."

KSU already has a transfer program setup with PCC for students on campus.

"I think this will be very beneficial," Stratford said. "K-State is the school we transfer the most students to."