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Frey give speech on dissertation

02 April 2015

“Age is a poor excuse not to do something.”

These words were life changing for Pratt Community College’s psychology instructor Joyce Frey, when a student used them as a retort against her instructions to work hard while young.

Since hearing those words Frey, who will be 70 in May, looked at her life and decided the student was right and is now working on getting her PhD from the Chicago School of Psychology with a degree in Systems and Organizational Psychology.

“This was something I always wanted to achieve,” she said. “It has been all consuming with my time and the hardest thing I have ever done, but will be worth it in the end.”

Frey, who is currently working on her dissertation gave a speech about her findings to PCC employees on March 31. For her dissertation on International Psychology, she is doing research with five different cultures and exploring intelligence in these different cultures to see if how testing is measured fairly for all cultures.

The main group Frey focused on during her presentation was the Plains Cree First Nation people in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Frey said it took a lot of work for her to find someone who was willing to help her get in contact with who she needed to be to do the project.

“All the intelligence test we take are skewed to a certain way of thinking,” she said.

Frey said she hopes her findings help influence the mainstream by having more sensitive testing for people in different areas, including on reservations.

“There needs to be a bridge between the two groups of people (mainstream and Plains Cree) so they can understand each other better,” Frey said.

While gathering information, Frey is writing a paper about her findings that is currently 168 pages and has 171 references. She hopes to have the project completed by December of this year.

“You have to write about something you love or you will never make it through,” Frey said.

Frey has had three journals ask to publish her works once they are complete.

After finishing her Ph.D., Frey hopes to continue working on this project in other ways and plans to stay at PCC and teach.