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Former Student Publishes First Novel

24 June 2011

What started out as a dream six years ago has inspired former PCC student Camille Esther Holmes, to write her first novel.

According to Holmes' website, (her) dream grew.

"I don't know how, exactly. But somehow it did, just like seeds do, and before I knew it, I had the main character (Diantha), the antagonist (Lysander), and the most important support characters (Jausten, Rodwin, Dietrie). Once you have the characters, they start to come to life and do things on their own, and the story grows despite whatever you do to stop it. But I wasn't ready yet. For a long time I waited, letting the story grow and refine itself in my mind. I knew I needed practice before trying to write it down, so eventually I embarked on a sort of practice novel. It took me two years to work that out, to get into the flow of writing, and figure out some of the challenges of a full length story," the website said.

When Holmes was 17, she began writing Tell a Tale of Royalty in Disguise. The process took two years with writing, revising and editing. In addition to writing the book, she did all of the illustrations too. The illustrations took her several months to complete.

The novel is filled with adventure and takes place in medieval times.

"Looking back, I have learned a lot as I wrote," Holmes wrote on her website. "Hopefully the next stories will integrate all the things I have learned. And there will be more stories, so keep an eye out for them! And I hope you enjoy Royalty in Disguise while you wait."

Holmes took classes part-time at Pratt Community College. On June 20, 2011, William Wojciechowski, PCC president, bought two copies; one for himself and another for the PCC library. Holmes delivered the books and autographed them.

"For a young woman that age, and homeschooled; Camille exhibits a great deal of talent," said William Wojciechowski, PCC president. "I encourage people to read the book. Her illustrations are very unique."

According to her website, Holmes enjoys milking the goats and caring for the other animals. She and her younger sisters and brother are homeschooled, and they all enjoy playing music with their Father. Camille also enjoys gardening, sewing, pottery, drawing, and some online debate. She has been a tried-and-convicted bookworm since her childhood. Some of her favorite novels include The Hobbit, Treasure Island, The Gammage Cup, Coral Island, and many others, especially historical fiction.

Holmes writes under the name Camille Esther. For more information about Holmes or to order your own copy go to: www.royaltyindisguise.harvestfarmfamily.com.