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Class has food drive for the holidays

02 November 2011

While discussing what it takes to be an "agent of change," in Introduction to Social Work, the students decided it would be fun to have a food drive on campus for the holidays.

"This class talks about how do social work and part of it is being an agent to change," said Joyce Frey, instructor. "By having a food drive they will be actively learning and helping the community out at the same time."

The nine students in the class placed boxes around campus on Tuesday and are planning on leaving them there through Nov. 18, when they will take them to the local food bank in town. Frey said along with discussing being agents of change in class, the students have also discussed poverty and hunger. She said they discussed how it wasn't just an issue in large cities and other countries, but takes place in Pratt as well.

"I am really excited that we are doing this," said Kayleigh Nesbitt of Kingman. "I know how being hungry feels. My family had some tough times a few years ago and I don't want anyone else to have to go through that."

Frey said the students came up with the idea earlier in the semester but they wanted to wait so that the food bank would get the food closer to the holiday season. The class said they would like to get many non-perishable items in the boxes, along with paper goods, such as paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware.